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  • The Forefront of Location-AR Design & Technology

    The flashpoint of mobile gaming and real life experience. RocketChicken uses the Motive.io platform to enable an entirely new genre of games that interact with the real world via GPS, iBeacon, image tracking, and more. RocketChicken's launch title CodeRunner has been lauded as one of the most innovative mobile games to date. Building on that success, the team continues to fuse alternate reality storytelling and cutting-edge technology.

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  • Escape to Mars!

    AR adventure game created for the Augmented World Expo 2017 at in San Francisco. You're stuck in a spaceport built on an unstable asteroid that's about to collapse. Get yourself aboard the last Mars-bound flight before it's too late! Use your AR camera to scan the Expo and find hidden clues and items that will help you escape. Loot real-world objects like signs, exhibitor booths, and posters. Open locks, solve puzzles, and hack terminals. Whatever it takes to get your way through the ship's airlock and Escape to Mars!

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  • CodeRunner

    A real-world espionage adventure for iPhone. Take to the streets, guided by GPS and the voice of your handler to real locations on an undercover mission of hacking, spying, sabotage and murder. Play it anywhere in the world.

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Made with Unity

Built on the Unity3D engine means our games run on iPhone, Android, and tablets.


Powered by Motive.io

Powered by the world's most advanced Location-AR platform, Motive.io.


Experienced Team

RocketChicken has been making Location-Based AR games since 2009.

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From concept to launch

Vancouver based RocketChicken Interactive Inc. was founded in 2009 by a team of entertainment and technology professionals determined to innovate mobile games.


"Aerodynamically, the chicken shouldn't be able to fly, but the chicken doesn't know it because it's a chicken -- so we strap it to a rocket and the rest is proverb."
- Jeff Macpherson, famous co-founder

Our games

Screenshots for the our Motive.io powered games and more.